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Saved Follow ups are missing
« on: February 14, 2017, 01:35:39 am »
I've had an unfortunate series of events and I'm not sure where to start fixing my ListmailPro.

1.  One of my lists disappeared.  It was a test list that I used to send things to myself to preview emails.  I did not worry too much about it.

2.  We tried to make a new test list and it was immediately populated with strange email addresses that were not from our client list. 

3.  People started receiving blank emails -- even though the follow ups for each list were set properly and the follow emails were in there.

3.  We did a sweep of our server, it found malware, cleaned it and then put up a firewall.

4.  We went back into ListmailPro.  Each list has its followups, but when I go to "Saved Followups", the names of the follow up lists are there, but none of them emails come up.

5.  I am unable to add people to lists.  It says it adds them and then when I click away and come back, the email address is not there.


Should I try to install Listmail Pro again? 

Does anyone know where the follow ups are stored in the databases?   I want to make sure I did not loose them.   There is over 10 years of work in there  :-[

I'm open to any suggestions.