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1&1 Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to

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I believe 1&1 has restricted access to the SMTP server from the web server.  They appear to not know their own policy and might suggest that your home ISP has a firewall blocking port 25, etc, when this is not the issue (since we're connecting -from- the web server).  Even their alternative port will not allow a connection - each web server does not appear to be able to reach  You may have to use the alternate mailing method with this host. I'm having the exact same issue/result with another 1&1 client.

For a list of hosts I recommend please visit the following post:


I'm having the same problems as the other guys with 1and1 SMTP.

I think the problem is to do with SMTP authentication. There is a checkbox in Microsoft Outlook > Tools > Email accounts > View or Change email accounts > Change email accounts > More Settings > Outgoing Server >  My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication - THIS IS CHECKED IN OUTLOOK and then outlook works fine.

The 1and1 email admin section states "Please note: To send e-mail using the SMTP-Server, activate SMTP Authentication. Please do not use the Secure Password Authentication (SPA) option. Optionally, port 587 can also be used in addition to the default port RFC 2476."

I may be wrong but I think the standard ListMailPro scripts might not support SMTP Authentication which may be the problem. If this is the case is it possible to upgrade the scripts to support SMTP Authentication.

The other option might be to send emails using another SMTP service other than 1and1. Its not a viable option to change my hosting company just because listmail pro does not seem to work with 1and1 which are probably the most popular host in the whole of europe. Do you know of any free or very low cost SMTP services that could be triggered from a ListMailPro installed on a 1and1 hosted site.


After many emails to 1&1 tech support and my own experience (fsockopen: connection could not be made) it is clear that they are blocking connections from the web server to the SMTP host on both ports 25 and 587.  ListMail does support SMTP authorization - it works with practically -every- other host and used to work on 1&1.  Now, however, it appears 1&1 has a new policy in place to prevent connections to SMTP made from scripts on their web servers.  This can be implemented with a local firewall or other IP-based rule.

If you ask or phone 1&1 tech support they will claim a problem with the script, port, etc., but they are wrong.  Apart from the new SMTP restriction I am very happy with 1&1s web services - they're top notch (I rent a few dedicated servers from them and their panel is excellent for self-recovery)  However I am quite dissatisfied with their support - even with all of the details and a clear technical explanation they can't give a straight-up answer.

Big hosts aren't always better - often they have more restrictions and poorer deliverability due to placing large numbers of users on each server.

If you don't want to switch hosts (reviewed here) you may have to switch to the alternate mailing method "internal PHP mail".


Hi all

Agree with DW here, 1&1 overall is good but ref SMTP support for shared hosting it's simply not there. It took me a lot of emails and jumping up and down to finally get a straight answer that they won't support smtp via web server and you're stuck with PHP mail.


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