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DreamHost is no longer recommended


I would like to express my apologies for any statements I made that DreamHost had "given up" on delivering email to AOL.  I was wrong. They truly do appear to be doing all they can.  I look forward to working with DreamHost again - they have an excellent control panel and highly knowledgeable staff.

DreamHost has been re-added, along with some comments, as a "Recommended" host:

Email Web Hosting, Servers & Domains Reviewed


I went with DreamHost as a recommendation but I've had nothing but problems with them.  Their customer service team is responsive, but not helpful.  They have wayyyy too many people sharing each server, and my site has gone down countless times over the last few weeks.  Worst of all, I emailed them about it 3 times and they haven't done anything.  I'm canceling them today.

It has gotten worst in the last few months...

Dean has helped with my setup and it was doing fairly Dreamhost has made their outgoing email policy even more strict.  Only 100 emails per hour....I need to change hosting company's...quickly!!

Ya, see my experience and the response I got from dreamhost support in another post:

Do Not use DreamHost.  They are not a Dream.  They are now limiting emails to 100 emails per hour, unless you use their "special" configurations that eliminate all of the customization of ListMail.

Highly not recommended and very unhappy. :(

 We are not certain when they changed this policy, but personally we have found them to be too quirky and geeky.  Sorry.   That's our experience.   Move to the next choice.


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