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Many more testimonials from the last couple years!

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For 48 days, I literally tried every autoresponder and listmanager product I could find on the Internet. Dean Wiebe's "ListMail Pro" is the only product that was 1) Suitable for all email marketing needs, 2) Easy to install, operate & maintain with very low impact on the server and 3) low-cost for total ownership and free upgrades forever. Dean proved he would support his product too, because I emailed him to death with questions before I bought ListMail Pro. His replies were always fast, friendly and knowledgeable. With the elegance of a Lexus, the heart of a Ferrari and the price tag of a Buick, ListMail Pro is the top choice for professional email marketers--get it.

Don Mondell
Promote, Inc.

Dear Dean

I want to thank you again, for your help to getting me going again.
I just want to let you know, I believe your Listmailpro is the only
way to go. I run my newsletter and I am able to set up courses to
run automatically once I set them up also.

Doyle Beitz

Thanks so much for your AWESOME SUPPORT DEAN.
I'm hoping to sell a bunch of these for you.


Hi Dean,

Thanks. I truly appreciate it!

I will keep an eye on LMP, and the next version.

Your prompt reply to my request certainly contributes to it, as it shows you are an ethical person, and THAT ALONE doubles the value of the product and services! (Not all stick to their offers for refunds these days...)

Kind regards,


Hi Dean,

Here's my testimonial:

Amazingly easy!  I've been using 'outsourced' autoresponder services for over 5 years....only to experience the loss of prospect databases and undelivered follow-up email.  ListMailPro totally eliminates these problems.  Even if you are not an eperienced web programmer, you can do this....and the customer service is EXCELLENT!

Thanks for everything!
Kevin Hass


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