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Hosting problems with large list


Hi, In March this year, I purchased a package including hosting for my ezine.  The hosting had a very old and modified version of ListMailPro installed as part of the package and as I had purchased it previously, they updated it for me.  However, for various reasons, I have decided to move to a different host.

I have since found out that I cannot mail to more than 1,000 per day on my hosting, also, if I was to go to getresponse or aweber, I would be very likely to lose most of my 15,000 list because they would be required to re-confirm their subscription and most of them would not.

Is there a hosting company that you recommend that will allow me to mail to this size of list on a daily basis through ListMailPro?  I have spent a lot of time and money building up my list, just to lose it in the blink of an eye.

Thank you for any input you may have.

Shirley Grant

Hi Shirley,

ThirdSphere supports that much email.  Host4Profit might support 15000 emails - you'd have to ask to them.

Please view this post containing a list of recommended hosts:


Update: ThirdSphere has been down for a while (I believe they are now HitDirector) and we don't recommend Host4Profit anymore because they stopped paying commissions and are not responsive to inquiries.  For our most recent recommendations, please visit the hosting page.

Andy Pandy:
I have details of a suitable host that can handle large lists and gives your ip address, spf, reverse dns etc for a good price.

More details at


For an even better deal, check out our new service...

I figured I'd post and let anyone who was interested know that I was now offering email friendly web hosting...

No spam allowed of course, very strict on that... It also comes with a bit newer autoresponder than Listmail but you should also be able(?) to use listmail if you wanted...

Here's my shameless plug for it:


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