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Dedicated Server Question - Need to cancel DreamHost


Hello Dean,

Can you tell me if the following dedicated server would be ok for hosting ListMailPro?

P4 3.0ghz
2048 Ram
200 GB HDD
750 GB Bandwidth

I signed up with DreamHost for 2 years with their CodeMonster Reseller Account.  I specifically chose DreamHost because they supported email lists.

DreamHost have since changed their terms and only allow 100 emails an hour? Or that is what I have read on this forum in other peoples posts.

I also have a reseller CPanel hosting account which I host approx 5 websites on.  Mostly small sites and personal hobby sites / testing sites.

Could the server I have mentioned above handle ListMailPro and a few sites as well?

I plan to cancel my DreamHost and Reseller account and use a dedicated server instead.

I could get a higher spec dedicated server, but the cost would be a lot more.

Thank You

Hi that is a very powerful dedicated server.  You could likely run ListMail and a few busy sites with 1 GB -less- RAM.  I recommend a maximum of about 150k emails per day per server to deal with Yahoo rate-limiting etc.  I also recommend certain optimizations for Exim and qmail.

Please let me know if you have further questions!



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