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To VPS or not?

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Hey Dean and Company,

My 2 dedicated servers are starting to max out email wise.  I'm sending close to 150K emails every other day to my opt-in lists.

I was thinking of purchasing a VPS package from somebody for 1 or 2 of my lists.  Could I send to a 150K emails via VPS, once a week.  I could throttle it to send over 1-3 days, no problem.  Is that do-able?

Any recommendations on VPS hosts?

Everybody seems to love:

at Webhostingtalk. Any experiences.

I cannot personally recommend VPSs.  I recently tried to move two clients with 10k-40k per day lists to their own respective VPS.  Both had severe problems with resources and system speed..  We were only able to achieve about 25,000 per day.  Now I have these clients on a $40/mo plan and am sharing a full dedicated between the two of them.  A VPS capable of performing as you like will run you about as much as a cheap dedicated server.  I recommend finding a rock-bottom full dedicated server deal instead of going with a VPS.


Just curious as to who you are using for Dedicated servers right now...  I am considering moving away from my own T1 line and getting a dedicated machine to run my 150K daily list to...

Let me know, thanks.

I've been using Data393, previously Ventures Online for about 10 years now.  Their support is unreal. Usually within 10 minutes with a ticket or quick phone call.  They are bit pricey-  $349/mo. for the base package.  My servers are $550 each with RH, extra RAM, and Triple redundant backup.  

But, I have to tell you, I sleep a lot easier with them.  I haven't had downtime in about 18 months.   I had a bad drive 18 months ago, by the way they fixed that within 15 minutes without me even asking.

I love D393!

I don't use one provider exclusively, and my clients are sometimes on others... I'm fond of:

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For ListMail the lowest CPU should be fine but you will want 512-1GB RAM, 1GB if possible.  Such packages can sometimes be had on clearance for as low as $60/mo



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