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I just learned about the Amazon SES email sending service. It seems like a perfect way to avoid the delivery problems and restrictions of sending through a regular web host.

Has anybody here successfully integrated ListMailPro with Amazon SES?  Are you having any problems using the service?

It would be great if someone could share the settings they used on the ListMail configuration page send mail through SES.


I had a look at Amazon SES.

It looks like they support SMTP-based sending, so it might work with ListMailPRO if ListMailPRO is hosted on a capable web server and configured to send using the Amazon SES SMTP server.

A current (v1.88) limitation of such a configuration might be that some ListMailPRO messages, such as Welcome, Confirmation and some system emails are not sent with SMTP, even if it is configured, but the internal PHP mail() function.  That function will send based on server settings, which if one is in full control of a web server might be able to be configured to Amazon SES as well, but could be tricky or cause problems.    This may change in a future update, when SMTP might be able to be configured to be used for everything.

SES appears to be limited to 10,000 messages per day to start, with increasing limits as time goes on and as your messages are judged to be of high quality.  Pricing appears to be $0.10 per thousand emails.  So at 10,000 per day you'd be spending $30/mo.  Some email-friendly web hosts offer the same amount of email for less, and in my experience deliverability is not usually poor from a well-configured server without a bad reputation.

With larger lists your costs will be more, i.e. for 100,000 per day you're looking at $300/mo.  For such volume I would normally recommend a dedicated server, such as from, which can be had for as low as ~$60/mo.

All total, I am skeptical that deliverability with Amazon SES is much better than can be achieved by a responsible publisher from a normal web host or dedicated server, or is worth the potential additional cost.  However, I am always open to further feedback.


Thanks for your quick reply, Dean.

My list is less than 2000. I'm currently using HostGator.
Maybe I'll consider switching to DreamHost.  Do they
have less restrictions on sending email than HostGator?

Chuck :)

I notice Amazon SES does mention they allow up to 2000 emails per day free, however I'm not sure if SMTP is supported with that offer, which would be required for use with ListMailPRO.

DreamHost allows 100 per hour and HostGator allows 500 per hour.  For each of these I would recommend disabling SMTP in ListMailPRO and instead using the PHP mail() option, as this feature allows delays to be set to stay under the limits.  For HostGator I might recommend a delay of 7500 ms (7.5s) per message, which equals 480 per hour, or a little higher to provide room for system messages, signup welcome emails, email sent from your email client, etc.  It would also be important to not send around the same time as the Dailymail scheduled task if you have any followups or scheduled messages configured.  A host with no such limitations is best, however is a little harder to come by these days.  I might suggest finding a smaller, newer web hosting company as they are less likely to have been plagued with abuse which would encourage such limits.

Looks I need to update the email hosting page and search around to find some more email-friendly web hosts. :)

Hi Dean
It's been awhile, I am on HostGator and having trouble getting SMTP to work, does PHP mailing work fine for a small list and does it send test emails? Thanks in advance


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