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It is recommended to use PHP mail for hosts with limits as the required delays can be set.  I might recommend setting for 480 per hour.  The calculation would be 1/(480/60/60) so 7.5s or 7500ms per email. Currently PHP mail is not included in the Test Mail Settings feature as it doesn't commonly fail.  To test it you might manually Add a User on the User Database page with the Welcome Message enabled.  If you receive the welcome message after adding the user, it's working.  You might check the source/headers of the message to find the Return-path header.  If this does not show your bounce address set on the Configuratoon page, setting $phpmailf=1; in config.php could fix the problem.



--- Quote ---All total, I am skeptical that deliverability with Amazon SES is much better than can be achieved by a responsible publisher from a normal web host or dedicated server, or is worth the potential additional cost.  However, I am always open to further feedback.
--- End quote ---

I've been doing some testing on my own.  The one primary advantage of Amazon SES is that you can get emails delivered much faster then trying to 'throttle' LMP.  With my large lists (over 200,000 and sending 60,000 daily), it would often take 10-16 hours just to get one mail through throttled down to about 4,000-6,000/hour. 

Therein lies the problems I've encountered running my own LMP mail server, if you do not throttle, you have many emails blocked at the host (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc), so you have to throttle.  You cannot run LMP wide open, as the host will block incoming emails that arrive to quickly - even with proper SPF, reverse IP, DKIM, and everything else in place.  I'd be curious if anyone else is able to run LMP wide open successfully, as I've found it cannot be done, there is too much blocking going on, and to try to get added to all the proper and correct webmaster sender locations, and keep up with that is brutal.   

With Amazon SES, you start with a lower level - in production I think it was 10,000/day, but if you are a responsible sender they quickly ramp you up significantly, I am now at 220,000/day, and 70/second=4,200/minute or the entire 220,000 in about 1 hour.   But, you need to be setup properly at Amazon SES, and you need to be using SNS (notification messages) for bounces/complaints, and have software that removes those and does not send to them again.  DW - I will PM you with details on that.

DW, If you could get a similar sending framework setup in LMP (which should not be that hard), you would find a much more eager audience to setting up/using LMP for handling larger lists and would make considerably more sales, I'm certain of that.


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