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Sending error. Check your mail settings.
« on: July 26, 2016, 11:47:20 am »
Within the last month I've noticed that ListMail no longer shows me the progress of outgoing mail when hitting the "Send Now" button. I have a little over 30,000 subscribers but have been using ListMail for years with no issues. While it appears to be sending with success, I'm puzzled as to why it stays on the "Send Mail" screen now when sending. I've sent 3 email campaigns with this happening and then today I got an error I've never seen before. To my knowledge, no changes were made to the ListMail config or server (other than the normal cPanel updates).

The  text of the error is below (the 'x' is showing redacted):

Sending error. Check your mail settings.

Server said:
250-SIZE 52428800
250 HELP
250 OK

Any ideas?

Thank you,



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Re: Sending error. Check your mail settings.
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 05:14:29 am »
Hi Michael,

The screen being blank is likely because of PHP output buffering. LMP should be improved to use an AJAX background sending process and queue checking script instead of a "live" page that continually runs in the browser. You can try customizing your PHP configuration to get the live experience back. In the PHP.INI you would disable compression, e.g. zlib, and set output_buffering to Off. If your system uses a proxy like Nginx or other it becomes more difficult as buffering would likely need to be disabled there, too. If none of that works an option may be to modify domail.php to output a string of spaces along with the counter update javascript to defeat any remaining buffer, e.g. after this line at 1768 (v1.88):

Code: [Select]
echo "<script language=javascript>document.s.speed2.value='$hr'</script>\n";
You could additionally output 4096 bytes of space:

Code: [Select]
echo str_repeat(' ',4096);
As for the error, if you have AUTH enabled you may be caught by a reconnection bug where the AUTH LOGIN capability is not detected properly due to the server returning AUTH PLAIN LOGIN. In admin.php on line 1522 change this:

Code: [Select]
          if($mtauth && strpos($srvmsg,'AUTH LOGIN')>0){

to this:

Code: [Select]
          if($mtauth && strpos($srvmsg,'LOGIN')>0){

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