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Just wondering if anyone has heard of this.  I recently upgraded to a dedicated server for sending my email.   All is fine, for a while, so then I setup a Feedback loop at AOL, and I am working on White Listing with them.  

I have reverse DNS and SPF in place.  BUT, here's the strange thing, today I get a ticket from my host claiming I am sending SPAM?  I called them and they said they are still receiving emails from AOL about the emails I have sent.

My question - how is this possible?  I have a dedicated Server - I own it, though the IP is housed at a hosting company - when I called AOL they had no record of the IP address of the hosting company, only record of my website IP address, and the IP I used to apply for feedback loop (my local SBCGLOBAL account).

They don't know why the host gets the emails either?  I am in the process of setting up white listing with AOL, and then will check back with them again.  But I wonder if anyone else has had this happen?  Is there some way to stop AOL from doing that, why are they sending emails to my host company when I have a dedicated server?

Has anyone else experienced this - and is there any way to stop it, or is it always going to happen?  The problem is, these tickets request 24 hour action, if I'm on vacation or something they could shut down my hosted account that I pay good money for????  Not a good situation...

Also, previously I used to run on Shared Server, I never had complaints such as this from the shared sever host, why am I receiving these from a dedicated host?

Any suggestions?

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Setup AOL Feedback-working White List-Host gets Complaints?
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2007, 02:28:13 pm »

Your provider does get sent some complaint reports - some go all the way to the top by tracing the IP to the provider and then emailing their abuse department.  It is your server provider's ultimate responsibility to make sure you don't send spam.  You are not free and clear - you still must act within your provider's policies.

Typically your provider will not shut down your site if you respond, but you bring up a good point about being on vacation... I guess you should still check your email while you are away, or now that you know the subject line of the provider's alarming email you might have some success setting up a special notification system / email for just that type of message...

AOL users will inevitably complain... With some luck your host will tolerate it for some time and you can work on getting the complaint-rate down by removing complainants automatically...  Unfortunately some hosts have very strong anti-spam policies; with large lists, it can be a death-blow to the relationship.  If they ever write you regarding complaints it is best to respond proactively and ASAP, as I'm sure you have already done.

Every month or three I get one of these nasty messages, too, but as long as I respond and talk about taking action against the client if it continues at an unreasonable rate I'm fine...  This is a bit different than sending my own email, though.  For that you might have to claim that you won't email "that" list anymore, etc...

You might want to talk to your host about how you run a double opt-in list and remove complainants so they are less likely to complain again.  With some luck you won't surpass their complaint threshold again in the very near future, and they will have some tolerance for if/when it does happen again.

If the host has too strong of an anti-spam policy, however, you may decide you are better off switching providers.

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