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Having trouble delivering to Yahoo lately?

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Check out this very informative post about the recent prevalence of the following error in server mail logs:


I am getting a lot of those since the middle or end of October.

So fill out their form and attempt to get white listed...  It's not as easy as AOL, but it's not terribly difficult.  

They make you wait about 14 days while they check the emails you are sending, etc...

I have filled out their form once a month for the last two months.  

Any other suggestions???  It's worth a shot to try anything.

DW, you are not mentioning Domainkeys or SPF records. Since Domainkeys is Yahoo's own initiative to combat SPAM, it is probably a good idea to set it up if you are sending lots of emails to them. And setting up an SPF record in addition to that will not hurt either  :wink:


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