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What is the Significance of the UID Field?


I'm trying to hook ListmailPro into Magento's email Newsletter option (to replace it) and only one field in the lm_users table alludes me: the UID field. Can someone please tell me what the correlation is to the 7 digit random string created and how it ties into the rest of the application? Can I populate that with my own User ID as it correlates to Magento's customer database?

Thank you!


Hi Michael,

The "uid" field is a unique 7-character string for each entry in the lm_users table. Certain parts of LMP rely on this being 7 characters, and the length, contents and existence may change in future updates. To identify LMP users I recommend using the auto-incrementing "id" field instead as it's unlikely to ever change. An option to use LMP with external userbases is to set up a synchronization script that runs daily before LMP's dailymail to import or delete external users to and from lm_users.



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