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Posting data directly to domail.php? Or sending from my own PHP file?


My situation: I am starting a small "alert" service.  I have custom software that generates the alerts.  It can send an HTTP GET or POST request that contains the details of the alert.

So I created a mini PHP script that receives the POST request and generates a mail() to myself, and it works.

The next step is to update the script, and do one of 2 options:

     1) Create my own mailing script that queries the ListMailPro user list and sends the emails  (booo, not fun?)

     2) Tweak a copy of domail.php so that I'm effectively POSTing the alert directly from my software to ListMailPro to send the email   (yay! fun!)

The added benefit of #2 is it would automatically keep a history of all the alerts sent in the database.

Any suggestions?  I do have a small budget for this project so I'm open to hiring help.


Project completed.

I discovered  We're using their Mailing List feature, so the email list is stored there and when our alert software sends an email to one primary email address, it gets automatically redistributed to the whole list.   It's perfect for us.  :)



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