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Schedualed emails stop sending


Recently we've been having an issue where, with the last 3 scheduled campaigns, ListMail's cron job would run, send some of the emails and then stop. The amount of emails sent before it stops is inconsistent. It has varied from 1/4 of the list to half the list before stopping.

There is a notice upon logging into the Admin CP, under the ListMail logo that ListMail "seems to be failing". However, there are no errors being reported in the Exim logs to indicate what is causing it. We have not, to my knowledge updated anything on the server or changed any settings prior to this happening. It seems to have started at the beginning of March, 2021 and continues.

We click the "Resume" button and it will stop again after sending to a few more thousand, and then repeat this until the mailing is complete (about 40k subscribers).

There does not seem to be anything in the ListMail logs either to indicate what might be happening.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Since my last post, every time we run a campaign whether scheduled or manual, the mailing stops after a few thousand are sent, leaving us to babysit the mailing until it is complete. I am guessing that ListMail Pro is abandonware at this point, but I thought I would try and see if any advice could be offered on something to check. We run our own bare metal server so it's not like the web host is the issue here.


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