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We no longer recommend using Host4Profit as they are not paying due referral commissions or responding to inquiries about the same. Others around the web are saying similar.

Email aliases are quite easy to setup on Host4Profit.

First, modify bounce.cgi and signup-list1.cgi to contain your ListMailPRO URL. Then, upload them to your /cgi-bin directory and CHMOD (set permissions) them to 755.

Login to the Host4Profit control panel and go to the section Mail Manager -> Email alias / Add A New Email Alias

Enter the first alias address, for example,

Scroll down to where it says "Pass the email to a program for processing". Copy and paste the example line they provide, replacing scriptname.cgi with your script name. For example:

|/usr/bin/perl /home/username/username-www/cgi-bin/bounce.cgi
  • Replace username with your site / FTP username.

Repeat the process for your signup addresses and scripts.

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